Husband to Carla.
Dad to Philip and Manu.
Pastor and Campus
Missionary with
Every Nation.

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Welcome to my personal site

This is where I collect blogs, podcasts, and other channels I'm on. I might also share a behind-the-scenes perspective on something that I was part of. Sometimes I'll blog with the intent to broadcast to a larger group, and sometimes I'll write something for personal reasons, though I don't mind others reading it. Feel free to click around and share as you like.

Hello, I’m Joe Bonifacio

I’ve been in full-time campus ministry since 2004. I’m very happily married to my wife, Carla. We have two amazing sons, Philip and Manu.

I also serve as a pastor in Victory Katipunan. I am extremely blessed to be a part of this spiritual family and our larger Every Nation family around the world.

Anything Goes: My wife and I just talk about random things that we're into, hence the title. Many times we'll agree, sometimes we'll disagree, but the conversation is always fun.

Here's where I talk about leadership from a Christian perspective. I'm convinced that our faith releases all Christians to be of great service to the world in whatever field they're in.

The Geeky Tangent

My friend, Edrei, and I talk about geeky things we find interesting. We'll go down rabbit holes and pursue even small details. This is the podcast for people who are looking for people to "go there" with them.

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