Friday – All In a Day’s Work

First entry of All In a Day’s Work. Yesterday was a great day “at the office” meeting with different groups of people and plenty of lessons along the way.

9:30-11:15 – Stuck in traffic on my way to our center in Malate. Made the most of the time by making important phone calls (with my hands-free set) and listening to free seminary classes from iTunes U. Today’s topic: The Life and Ministry of Jesus. While I’d normally feel irritated by the unusually heavy Friday traffic, this helps because I know things are getting done anyway.

11:15-1:00 – Meet with Daniel Trinidad, our Campus Director in Victory Malate. Started working closely with Daniel this year. He’s shown himself to be very passionate for leading his team and reaching students. Over time, I’ve come to learn that moments like this spent investing in a leader’s potential will pay dividends for years. The key is to train them and trust them. I’ve learned that nothing long term and worthwhile will be accomplished alone. I’m thankful for teammates like Daniel and excited for where this will take us.

1:45-3:00 – Meet with this guy who messaged me on Facebook asking for counsel regarding his relationship with his girlfriend. I have no idea where this is going, since I’d never met him before. I share with him some things I’ve learned in the process of dating and marrying my wife. Looking back, I’m thankful for our bumps and scrapes along the way because they showed us how much we need God in the relationship and they are a source of encouragement now to other who go through similar things. I look forward to the day when this young man will look back on their challenges now and see encouragement in them.

3:00-3:30 – Quick conversation with the other campus staff in Victory Malate. Very good team forming there, and I’m excited for the future with them.

3:30-4:15 – Drive to the Fort. This traffic is extraordinarily heavy, even for a Friday. Good thing I can make the most of it.

4:15-5:15 – Talk with Pastor Paolo Punzalan and my dad about our staff and how we can better serve, position, and train them. People are our greatest resource. Leaders should not be lazy in dealing with those they serve/lead. Sometimes, it’s more tempting to sweep issues under the rug and wait for them to go away. In my experience, they almost never do. But when you’re motivated by a desire to see each person to their fullest potential and to achieve your goals, you can move and see things change immensely for the better.

5:15-6:15 – Meet with Arlyssa Emlano, a freshman in UST, and Mich Compton, one of our campus staff in the Fort. Arlyssa has a chance to speak to her Theology class on the public ministry of Jesus. She asked for help because she wanted to do more than report a lesson. She wanted her classmates to know the the joy she felt in her relationship with Jesus. We started to help her out as much as we could. She kept thanking us. If only she knew that how grateful we were to see and hear her that way. As campus missionaries, one of our greatest joys is to see young people get passionate about living for Jesus now.

6:15-6:30 – Talk briefly with Mich about work assignment and current responsibilities. Having just recently gotten married, our office wants to be sensitive to her new schedule. But, she’s game and ready to work, which is great!

6:30-7:00 – In the car again, driving from the Fort to Victory Pioneer.

7:00-8:45 – Observe Victory Pioneer’s Level Up youth service. Victory Pioneer features another one of our promising teams and young leaders. Led by Christian Cornejo who’s been in ministry less than 6 months, the youth of this church are bustling. I sit with 6 of them and participate in the discussion of the message. They seem to have clearly understood Christian and they apply the message insightfully to their lives. Christian and I talk about it afterwards. He’s a good communicator with a lot of potential. I look forward to hearing him more in the future.

8:45-9:15 – Drive back to the Fort. A guy cuts me off and I’m tempted to cut him right back, lean on the horn, and even flip him off. After toying with the idea a bit (something that happens too often, I must confess), I decide against it. Then it hits me: here I am meeting with people, doing ministry, and listening to a class about Jesus and yet I readily entertain the thought of sin at the slightest inconvenience. I pray in the car, thanking God for bringing out this bad attitude in me and ask him for grace to live in a way that honors Him. I’m glad for the reminder that while I do ministry, I will first and always be dependent on His grace for everything.

9:15-11:15 – Dinner with my wife and her niece, Alex. After a great day meeting with different people, this is my highlight. There is nothing more fun and fulfilling than spending time with family. After dinner, we visit Fully Booked and I try to find a book for Alex. I find several for myself instead, but resist the temptation to buy. I have quite a lot right on the waiting list now.

11:15-12:15 Drive home.

Busy day, fruitful day.

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