My Wife Needs to Sleep

Today, my wife and I went Christmas shopping. While I usually try to avoid the crowds during this time, shopping with her is still a blast because she makes it so fun. Listed below are a few of her our funny moments of the day.

(at home)

Her: We’ll stick to the plan and quickly buy gifts for these people.

Me: Okay, so it’s the bookstore and toystore then back.

Her: Great!

(She then empties her folder of school stuff so that she can use it while shopping and forgets the empty folder in the unit.)

(At the mall, she proceeds to browse at some foodstalls)

Me: I thought you wanted to buy the stuff and get out right away.

Her: What? No… Can’t I look around for just a bit?

Me: Oh… Okay. (We look around)


Me: While we’re here can I look in this store for some clothes?

Her: No! We have to finish shopping right away!

Me: Huh???

(She eventually confessed that she didn’t want me to shop because I might buy her gift to me. )


Her: And how much does this come out to?

Salesgirl: Two hundred fifty pesos, ma’am.

(She hands the girl a twenty peso bill.)


Her: Where’s my Sun phone? I can’t believe I misplaced it again!

Me: Uh… Didn’t you just have it earlier?

Her: It must be in my bag. You know, I really don’t understand how I can misplace so many things inside a bag. I know, I’ll call it with my other phone so it’s easier to find.

(Proceeds to call her Sun phone)

(The phone rings in the bag, of course.)

Her: (looking irritated) Who could be calling me now?

So now it’s time to go to bed. She’s had a long day. And I’m so thankful for this funny, crazy woman.

Good night all! And Merry Christmas!

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