Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Ever since I was a kid I’d hear people saying I look like my dad, sound like my dad, walk like my dad, preach like my dad, etc. But those close to our family know that the three of us all have our own mixes of both our parents. So while much of my external genetic material is obviously from Pop, much of my internal wiring are from my Mom. So thanks, Mom…

  • Thanks for teaching me to love reading.
  • Thanks for helping me have an omnivorous book appetite.
  • Thanks for telling us stories and teaching me how to tell stories.
  • Thanks for being a creative communicator. I think I like preaching with pictures because you’d do the same at bedtime.
  • Thanks for being kind and merciful. While it’s not much, the atoms of mercy inside me are definitely from you, not from… Hehe
  • Thanks for sacrificing for us and helping us form right priorities.
  • Thanks for helping me get started in ministry when you’d let us assist you in Kids Church.
  • Thanks for singing songs to me that reminded me of Jesus when I’d be scared.
  • Thanks for showing me how to make occasions special for others by making a plan for them.
  • Thanks for forcing us to be kind to each other, though we resisted it.
  • Thanks for being fun. You were just the right amount of lady and silly for three boys.
  • Thanks for injecting spiritual lessons in everything, from the life altering event to the mundane detail.
  • Thanks for taking an active part in our education, right down to fighting teachers and running for PTA.
  • Thanks for always making sure we had good baon, and I’m sorry for the times I’d sell it.
  • Thanks for letting some things slide and making a big deal about stuff we needed to hear.
  • Thanks for patiently bandaging our cuts, icing our bruises, and arbitrating our fights every single day.
  • Thanks for being a great example of learning and reinvention. Madonna has nothing on you.
  • Thanks for loving Carla and accepting her as your own.
  • Thanks for loving Pop and sticking with him through EVERYTHING.
  • Thanks for loving Jesus and letting Him work in and through your life.

I love you, Mom! Thanks for everything!

pictures from our wedding, January 29, 2010
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  • Hi Joseph, your blog has brought tears in my eyes especially when I saw the photos. This has blessed me and inspired me. My heart desires to be like your mom to my son. Again, THANK YOU.

  • “Thanks for always making sure we had good baon, and I’m sorry for the times I’d sell it.” — haha!

    happy mother’s day to your mom!

  • Thanks P Joe! Inspiring! Every mom’s prayer that someday, her child will speak of her/his mom in such manner!

  • Oh WOW!!! Who is this woman you speak of???
    Ay, ako pala yon! Haha!
    I SUPER SUPER LOOOVE THIS BLOG. Last night i was actually asking God, Lord, pls keep the memories of when the boys were young. Oh I’m so happy !!! I love you Joe, thank you for writing this.

  • What a charming blog… I will read it again and again. Makes me aspire to be like your devoted mom. You are a sweet son. I pray my own son Tomi will someday write something like this. Keep on writing.

  • Very inspiring… you’re Mom is an example to all of us of how to be a good and a cool mom. You’re also a good example to your generation of how to appreciate one’s mother . Thanks.

  • Thanks for all the comments, and a belated Happy Mothers Day to you all too.

    Mom, I sold it during the days that I thought the cafeteria pancit canton was better. I’ve seen since seen the light and repented.

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