Road Trip

My wife and I are in Dagupan now for the Regional Convergence of LifeBox for North and Central Luzon. This is a gathering of over a thousand student leaders from this part of the country. I’m really excited for tomorrow, just connecting with these people who I only see twice or three times a year, and seeing these students as well.

But the fun part for me today was just getting here with my wife. We drove from Subic, having come from a family vacation. I love just spending the whole day with this woman. We listened to music – her Caro Emerald, my One Fine Day OST and Phantom of the Opera. I love how we can just get into anything together. Then we listened to an iTunes University class on Bible Interpretation.

And when that got a little boring, we could just talk, about everything –  the plot of Phantom of the Opera, the brilliant blog she was about to write, her plans for the future, relationships we thank God for, etc. I am so thankful for this girl; she isn’t just the hottest woman in the world, she’s my best friend. I really don’t have a lesson in this blog (just sharing, lalang), but let me prescribe one of two things: If you aren’t married yet, pick someone who can be your friend.

Along the way we got caught in a powerful thunderstorm. Watching these things from the safety of a building is awesome enough. Being caught in them with the rain coming sideways and the wind rocking your petite car can be a little terrifying. I took the time to teach my wife the rule of thumb of measuring the distance of a lightning bolt. (When you see the flash start counting. The number of seconds between the flash and the thunder divided by 5 is the distance in miles.)

But we couldn’t keep it up as the sound came right on top of lightning bolts. “Um, Sweetheart, that means that the lightning is all around us.” We even got to see a post get hit with sparks flying and everything. The thunderclap was like a concussive force. Cool, in a terrifying way. It made me think about how little in control I really am of the big things in life. I’m just glad I know the One who is in control, and I know I can trust Him.

Anyway, we’re here now and excited for tomorrow. Good night! Hope you get a good rest too.

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  • I knew u were comin’! Yaye! My son would be very excited. It’s his first LifeBox Convergence. I replied to Rica’s tweet a while-back asking if u will be attending but she was probably resting. I am excited for my son. He gave his life to Jesus on March 25th of this year and i couldn’t help but to praise God for that decision he made.

    Will you guys also grace our 25th anniversary in Victory Pangasinan on Sunday?

    • Thanks! Yes, we’re very excited to be here. I’m afraid we can’t stay till Sunday because we have to prepare for our Staff Summit starting Monday. Pastor CJ will stay though.

      Congratulations to everyone in Dagupan! 25 years!

  • […] By Rica on 5-19-2012 in Prayers, Soul, Soul, Travel It was the perfect day when we left Anvaya. The sun was high up and we felt like everything was just right. Our summer clothes, our chilled food, podcasts, and conversations in between, all contributed to an awesome day for yet another road trip to Dagupan. (Check out my husband’s blog on how we just love going on trips and getting stuck together.) […]

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