WARNING: Knowing Something Can Make You Dumber

People who don’t know anything are more likely to ask questions. This can lead to answers. Then they’ll know something.

The problem with knowing something is when people confuse it with knowing everything. People who think they know everything don’t ask anymore. Why would they? They know everything, or at least they think they do.

While none of us would ever say that we know everything outright, our actions may say something different. When we don’t ask questions, when we aren’t willing to learn more, when we aren’t open to correction that’s what we’re saying – “Why should I learn that? I know everything.” Or at the very least we’re saying, “I don’t need to learn that.” Famous last words.

  • When we can’t listen to people younger than us because- what do they know? We’re losing a chance to learn.
  • When people correct us and we respond angrily, why are we angry? Are we surprised to find out that we aren’t perfect?
  • People with a natural ability in certain areas are prone to the temptation to slack off. People with the discipline to keep learning will always outpace those without.
  • Are we open to new experiences and lessons or do we stick to stock knowledge? Can we admit that maybe our perception of something isn’t the sum total of that thing?
  • I remember talking to someone who dissed a certain culture he’d never visited or interacted with at length. It felt like the intellectual equivalent of a kid sticking his fingers in his ears and talking louder.
  • Can we connect to people as individuals or do we write them off with “I know the type.” I almost missed out on a very close friend that way. Good thing God and other people cut through my pig-headedness.
  • Have we written of an encounter with God because of our experiences in the past? Some people have had negative memories so they think God can’t possibly have anything good for them now. Others have “done that church thing” already and foolishly assume He has no more wonders ahead.

All of these are different ways that knowing something can make us dumber. Don’t make that mistake. The world is HUGE! Every person has a story to tell. God can do things we’ve never even seen. Better to know nothing but Him and enjoy the ride.

We know that we all possess knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. (1 Corinthians 8:1)

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  • Thanks, ps Joe. So inspiring! “Always be an amateur. Never think that you already know everything.” 😉

  • Great blog joe! Like P. Carlos once told me in the workplace “assumptions are always bad. Even though they are right. Better to discuss and come to agreements.”

    • That’s a good point. I’m prone to making assumptions too and I use the “saving time” excuse. Haha

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