Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (JAV)

Joe’s Amateur (not to mention Unauthorized, Uninspired, Uninerrant [Errant?]) Version.

There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under heaven:

a time to pursue your dreams and a time to give them up,

a time to come together and a time that grows apart,

a time to speak up and a time to shut up,

a time to rush forward and a time to regroup,

a time to forgive and it’s always time to forgive,

a time to give to others and a time to receive from others,

a time to believe for the moon and a time to acknowledge our limitations,

a time to be diplomatic and a time to talk straight, even though it’s painful,

a time to give people a second (third? fourth? fifth?) chance and a time to make necessary endings,

a time to look forward, a time to look back, and a time to stop looking around and get back to work,

a time for conservative gains and a time to bet the farm,

a time when faith in God’s Word means receiving it now and a time when faith in God’s Word means it’s coming even if not now,

a time to inspire people with stirring words and a time when only results will suffice,

a time for reading serious books and a time for reading silly ones,

a time for reflection and a time for action,

a time to keep blogging and a time to go to sleep.

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  • Makes sense – all of it. I cracked at the last one. As for me, it’s “There is a time to keep cyber-slacking and a time to finish work.”

  • Thank you pastor for visiting Victory Makati last sunday. I got touched by the holy spirit thru your word and I was trying to hold back my tears but it just flowed inevitably. 😀

    I’m so excited on getting part in the game the god has set upon us, the younger generation.

    “God gave me a responsibility and also the ability”
    “instead of spirit of fear, I have power, love and self-discipline”

    ~Visting your blog has been part of my quite time for the past weeks, so I hope you won’t get tired of touching many lives thru your cool blog. Thank you! Glory to God! 😀

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