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Some great blogs I’ve been reading that might be interesting to some of you.

When Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Crash the Party – a great blog from the online Wall Street Journal about the need for evolving etiquette even as technology continues to develop. Check it out and try it in your next party of get-together!

Getting a Haircut – Our good friend and my wife’s mentor, Jenn Punzalan, blogs about how she finally got her four-year old son (our godson!) to agree to a haircut. Cute, funny, but there’s a good lesson in there for parents and leaders.

Why We Should Avoid Hyperbole in Church Communications – Great blog by media guru Thelma Bowlen! I found myself guilty of a few of the things she was mentioning and I’m glad she shared her thoughts. Check it out if you want to maximize your communication.

What I Learned From Disciplining My Kids – Another parenting blog, this time from our good friend, Thammie Sy! She is married to Dennis, our senior pastor in Victory Greenhills and they both have tons of great content on their sites. His list of blogs was the source of three of these links in this list. This blog gives a cute story, with a very powerful lesson at the end also.

Being a Pastor is a Strange Thing – Paolo Punzalan, Ate Jenn’s husband and executive pastor of Victory Fort, reblogs this amusing but insightful description of a pastor’s job. I really liked how it was able to gather different perspectives from the Bible and put them together nicely. You can really only do this job by the power of the Holy Spirit. Insightful readers will see that some of these aren’t just for pastors but for anyone who works and needs God’s power to do it. Original here.

Unequally Yoked – An ardent atheist blogger is won over by the Gospel and now blogs about her journey of faith. She explains here process here. I liked her tone of honesty and openness.

Video of our Mt. Bulusan climb a.k.a. the only video on the internet of me singing – My wife has tirelessly edited some of the footage from our recent Mt. Bulusan climb. Check it out to see our experience climbing that inactive volcano. Things to watch out for: the shot with a near-perfect circular rainbow looking downward at the clouds, the wild berries shown by our guide, Ate Virgie, and of course, my song number at the end. 1000 points to whoever can identify the movie the song is from.


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