Formspring Friday #1

I’m gonna try answering some questions that I get from Formspring here.  I’m copy-pasting the questions. The link takes you to my Formspring account, and I’ll answer the questions with a link to my blog. So here goes the first edition of Formspring Friday!

  • what is one thing that you love most about your wife?:) (pick 1 only, I know you have lots in mind hehe)

I think the thing I love most about my wife is her devotion to God. Now don’t think that’s just a goody-goody answer. It has tremendous practical benefits for me! One thing, I can count on her to always do the right thing (eventually) because the Holy Spirit is at work inside her. Secondly, she is so sweet and loving to me because she receives so much love from God. Thirdly, she’s a constant source of wisdom and insight and joy because she’s connected to God who is the source of those things.


  • when was the first time you preached? and how was it? your an awesome preacher btw =)
Thank you for the compliment. It’s really from the insight and ability God gives and the people in my life who’ve coached me to get here.
The first time I preached was in 1998. I was 15 years old and it wasn’t very good. I was so serious and didn’t crack a joke the whole time. My theology and Bible interpretation was messed up. And I didn’t do a good job explaining my points. I preached for eight minutes. People were surprised the service was over. I’ll always be thankful to Pastor Rico Ricafort for encouraging me and giving me more chances to improve. Also to my friends and family who smiled through the whole evening and said, “Good job.”
  • venue for the reception… grrrrrrrrr…

I know how you feel!!! Ours was so expensive! But worth it naman. But expensive! But the pictures were great! Dapat lang no, it was expensive! Wait, was that your question? It’s not even a question.

loved the beauty, but really loved the privacy – pricey privacy
  • pastor joe, how many gf did you have, before you met your wife?

None. Carla was (and still is) my first real girlfriend. I liked a few girls before her and some of them liked me back, but it didn’t go much further than that. I just always wanted to go all out with someone who would be there for the rest my life.


  • Pastor Joseph, what’s your favorite subject when you were in college?
My favorite subject was Western History with Professor Jo Ed Tirol. It was the perfect combination of a subject I love with a really great teacher. He inspired me to think and learn and work harder than I did in most of my classes (which wasn’t much anyway), but in an almost effortless way. He is one of the models I have in my head for becoming a better teacher.
  • do you believe in homeschooling? would you homeschool your kids or future kids?

I think it’s great, and I always wanted to be homeschooled when I was a kid. (We only did it for one year.) I don’t know if we’ll automatically homeschool our kids though. I think we’ll try it and if it works out, then good!


That’s it for now! Time to rest because we’ve got another full day here in Cabanatuan tomorrow. Next week we’ll be covering topics like: favorite preachers, accepting someone’s past, moving on from a long relationship, and Rica’s deepest secret! (ooohh…) All these and more on the next – Formspring Friday!

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