A Husband: Man and Gentleman

Being a husband is the hardest work I’ve ever had to do. And I think many (if not all) married men would agree. One of the most challenging things is that a husband must be both man and gentleman.

Our hands must be strong enough to carry heavy weights and fight when necessary. But they must also be gentle enough to comfort and caress.

Our speech must inspire submission and embody leadership, but it must also speak softly and lovingly.

We must be rugged enough to get our hands dirty, but we must also clean up nicely at her request.

I made a list of things I did today that somehow capture being a husband as both man and gentleman. I hope it will be helpful to other husbands and would be husbands out there.


  • Prepare Carla’s breakfast
  • Wash the dishes afterward
  • Listen patiently to her advice on technology
  • Pick up her dress for the Star Magic Ball
  • Help her get into her dress, including managing all those tiny hooks and loops
  • Fix the shiny, metallic belt so that it really ties the whole outfit together


  • Make decisions for our day ahead
  • Initiate making love
  • Do some heavy lifting around the house
  • Mentor some young men on growing up
  • Watch a Mixed Martial Arts event with a bunch of guys
  • And I still haven’t taken a bath the whole day

Well, that’s all part of a husband’s work. Hope it’s informative and helpful.

Now I have to do one more gentlemanly thing and take a shower because my wife won’t let me sleep beside her if I don’t.

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  • I think Pastor yu are the chairman of the group UHAW — Union of Husband Afraid to Wife….it’s only a joke ..he he he.. That’s I really advice my daughters if it’s time for them to get married they should pray for a God fearing man..

  • hi and my hubby are very are both pastors and good husbands..the difference is that we already have a baby and my husband does all the things like washing and sterilizing the bottles and all..take note magaling mgpaligo ng baby ang hubby ko hehehehehehe..i salute you all Godly husbands..GOD bless you all!!!

  • Bro, ok na nabasa ko ‘to. Balang araw ‘pag may asawa na ako, atleast may idea na ako. So far, hindi ko pa ma-imagine, sa katunayan I am experiencing such pressure. Ewan ko bro,kailangan ko na ba magka-girlfriend…alam ko naman ang sagot pero, isang malaking tanong sa akin ito eh…Thanks bro.

  • I really like it! Parang yung asawa ko lang din 🙂 He’ll cook for me, do the laundry, be my messenger and all the crappy things a wife wishes. At the end of the day, would take a bath and pick me up from the office, that’s why I laughed at loud at the last part of your blog. 😀

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