Formspring Friday #3

hi pastor, i’m curious, when is it “right” to date? and how do you know when you’re really ready, that it’s in line w God’s will? i’m 19 yo, in no rush, but sometimes i just wonder…how will i know when i’m ready?

Well, the Bible says “Everything is permissible for me”—but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me”—but I will not be mastered by anything.” It’s a great section of the Bible, you might want to read the surrounding areas for more clarity. But the gist of it is believers are free to do anything (obviously, nothing sinful), but to be wise about it.

Here’s an example: it was my thought process with getting into a dating relationship. Why do I want to date? Is it going anywhere? Am I ready for this to go to the next level – marriage? Or am I just looking for companionship now? What am I looking for in a person I want to date?

That’s an example of some thoughts I had to judge if it was beneficial or not.


Hi Pastor Joseph! Have you ever had a money issue with Carla? How do you manage if the wife has more money than the husband before marriage? Thanks!

Hi! Yes, we’ve had a few of those. Mostly because of poor money managing skills and lack of discipline on my part. I appreciate wisdom and accountability from older men and women who have helped us (me) significantly.

We decided that we would live (necessities) on my share of the income and she would feel free to add to whatever she wanted from her income. We also do our best not to touch her nest egg, and instead talk together about what it’s for – giving, helping others, going on trips, fixing the house, etc. I know it’s not the same as others but we decided to do this given the unique nature of our different histories.


Why did you decide against collating your podcast in one site?

It was just too much work to request for copies from every church I’d preach in. Also, I didn’t want to make it about me and where I’m preaching, but I want to encourage people to be involved in the life of their local spiritual community. But maybe I’ll rethink it in the future, if someone would help me gather them.


If you were given a chance to pick between these two, which would you choose? Eurotrip or US Trip?

Europe! Coz I’ve only been to London and never to mainland Europe.


My negosyo pa po b ang wife nyo?(Ricas calamansi soap)isa sa negosyo nya.

Yes! The tagline was Rica’s Deepest Secret – Calamansi Soap. It was one of the reminders to me that this woman I’m married to is so famous she has her own soap.


do you have a favorite preacher? who?

I have several. I enjoy listening to my dad because he frequently has unique angles and insights on the topic. Pastor Steve Murrell has always been a favorite as well because of his ability to take seemingly complex ideas and make them simple. I also like his humor onstage.

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