Reflections Before Sleeping

Wrote this blog last Wednesday to post today. It’s a series of questions I want to ask people and ask myself whenever there’s an issue that won’t seem to go away. Or a problem I can’t seem to get over.

What are:

  • the little things we’ll choose to be offended by instead of letting the issue go and laughing it off?
  • the little scraps of identity we cling to instead of simply being known as sons and daughters of God?
  • the fleeting tokens we’ll die for instead of receiving the fullness of all God has to offer?
  • the puny kingdoms we think we rule that we prefer to walking in unity?
  • the pathetic ego boosts that we insist on inserting into the conversation instead of walking in the freedom of forgetting about ourselves?

Next time something seems so pressing that you have to do something about it,

Next time you’re tempted to be offended and ready to cut ties,

Next time you want to respond angrily and publicly,

Next time you make a resolution never to work with another person,

Let’s ask ourselves first:

  • After everything Jesus forgave in me, what right do I have to be angry?
  • With everything his riches provide, do I really need to hold on to THAT?
  • Why is this particular thing (whatever it is) so important to me when Jesus has provided all I need?
  • Is it really that important to prove myself right or debate that issue to make myself look good, when the Gospel clearly establishes my utter sinfulness apart from Christ and my future incomparable glory with Him?

Hope this helps. 🙂

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