Are You Benching Yourself?

My dad’s book, The Lego Principle, is out. It’s been a unique learning experience to witness the entire process of writing over 4 years – the late nights at his computer, the dozens of open books all over his office for research, and the endless conversations about how to write a certain chapter.

I’m reading it for the third time and and I’m honestly so proud of it (and my dad). It’s intellectually meaty enough to sink your teeth into, very practical to everyday life, and peppered with stories all throughout to keep you engaged.

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More than the pleasure and insight from reading the book itself, I’m excited for the effect it’ll have on the people who read it. It’s designed to activate (my dad’s favorite word, I think) everyday “ordinary” Christians to the amazing work God’s called all of us to.

Too many Christians nowadays are benching themselves – not participating in what God’s called them to. Here’s a quote by the late Elton Trueblood, chaplain of Harvard and Stanford, from Chapter 12 of The Lego Principle,

Perhaps the greatest single weakness of the contemporary Christian church is that millions of supposed members are not really involved at all and, what is worse, do not think it strange that they are not. 

The Church was never designed to sit on the bench. We are forcefully advancing and everyone has a part to play. It isn’t about a few experts. Here’s a picture of some of our volunteer teachers in Victory Fort. They teach Victory Weekend – a difficult, challenging course that takes a lot from their time. But they serve anyway. And we are all made better because of them.

No bench players here. Thanks Alex Monis for the pic.

More than this, there are thousands of volunteers who serve weekly all over Metro Manila. There are thousands of Victory group leaders who reach out to their friends, disciple people, pray for the sick, serve their fellow man, etc. We all have a part to play.

So get off the bench! Serve somewhere. Get connected into a discipleship group. Build key relationships with people who can help you and people you can help. And buy a copy of the book if you like. It’ll be a great gift for anyone looking to activate themselves or other people.

Check out my wife’s article on the book launch in one of the country’s broadsheets.

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