Prepare for Awesomeness!

Ignite 2013 is Every Nation Asia’s Campus Conference.

With over 9,500 people registered and more than 20 nations represented, we pray that this will be a significant seed to sow in the lives of the next generation of leaders in this nation.

Preparations for this event started quite some time ago.

  • In September, the conference planning group held a few meetings exploring the direction we felt God wanted the conference to take.
  • For two months after that, the concepts were prayed about, discussed, shared with others, modified, and enhanced.
  • By November, dates were being settled and venues considered. Meetings regarding big rocks: objectives, speakers, worship team, etc were held.
  • Most of the volunteer teams and actual operational items began working in the second week of February.

And everyone’s hard at work to this day, with six days to go.

But the preparation isn’t just on those working, volunteering, planning, performing, or leading the event.

Much of the preparation is on the parts of the students who are going.

  • Those who don’t know how they would go but stepped out in faith anyway
  • Those who are raising money to get there – believing God for airfare, lodging,
  • Those who have fixed their schedules to be there

Every where we can feel the excitement as people prepare. We believe that God is doing this and when His people come with a sense of expectation, He does spectacular things.

One of the best ways we are preparing is with a 10 Day Devotional that’s designed to lead up to the topics and experiences we’re preparing at Ignite. Please feel free to participate even if you aren’t attending.

You can download it for free here.


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