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This blog is directed to our LifeBox campus missionaries around the Philippines. You’re welcome to read as an observer and draw whatever insight that you get from it. Feel free to share it but don’t forget what the target audience is.

I was having a conversation with Dan Monterde last month about our joy with our team and the people we work with. The thing that was so encouraging to watch was the spirit of serving.

Many of the people who we tapped to serve in different committees had the same response that was very encouraging to watch. We honored some of them at the thank you dinner in Greenhills. But I wanna outline it for us now so we can make sure we guard this culture and pass it on to our upcoming staff, volunteers, and student leaders.

Here’s how to respond to a service opportunity:

1. Seize the opportunity. How we see service affects the way we respond to it. If it’s a burden to us, then we will complain, dodge, and work half-heartedly. If it’s an opportunity, we will respond with enthusiasm and thankfulness.

An opportunity for what?
– an opportunity to lead: Jesus said that leaders are servants. If you have an opportunity to serve, this is really an opportunity to lead.
– an opportunity to love others
– an opportunity to love God
– an opportunity to develop yourself: Not everyone can be given an opportunity to serve, so be thankful for this chance.

2. Serve well. Like Jesus showed in the Parable of the Talents, those who have and do well will be given more. Those who don’t do well with what they’re given will lose even what they have. Serving is an opportunity, and how we respond to it will determine whether we are given more.

In other words, serve well now and you’ll always have a place. And I am thankful that our team serves well.

3. Be thankful for the opportunity. At the last day of Ignite, I walked around the venue and saw the different volunteer teams. Some were wrapping up with devotionals, many were still working. But one common element was many people would say, “Thank you for trusting me with this responsibility.” These people really saw it as an opportunity that’s why they served well.

I’m proud of all of you and this culture we have. Whether it’s serving at big events like Ignite, or the faithful, daily service we put in – we have something good here. Let’s make sure we nurture it and pass it on.

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