Why I Like the UFC

This is a blog about mixed martial arts and the biggest promoter now: the Ultimate Fighting Championship. If you aren’t interested, go to the very bottom to anticipate tomorrow’s blog.

Yesterday’s match between defending champion, Anderson Silva, and the new champion, Chris Weidman, showcased so much about what I enjoy about watching the UFC that even though my pick lost, I can’t help but be happy about the outcome. If you don’t know what happened here’s the short version:

reigning champ, undefeated for seven years, got cocky and lost to a relatively new fighter.

Or just watch this. I kept it small to speed up loading for some people.

Here are the three things I like about watching the UFC:

1. The fight isn’t over till it’s over. In a Mixed Martial Arts fight, the outcome isn’t decided until the fight’s over. Some sports can get boring to watch, especially when it’s a blowout and you’re just waiting for the required time to expire. But in MMA, you can never count out a fighter who’s willing to take risks and give it their best shot. A win can turn into a loss for people who won’t give up.

Great example of this thought

I like it coz that’s how life is. I can’t stand giving up when there’s still a chance. If you’re coming to play, give it everything.

2. The disciplined succeed while the foolhardy get knocked out and the undisciplined get cut. Silva got knocked out for being foolish – dropping his hands, acting like he was untouchable. As great a fighter as he is, he still paid the price. I wonder how much longer his reign could have gone if he stayed alert, but he didn’t and now we will never know.

Vigilance, alertness, discipline is everyone’s job. No amount of talent or head start will make up for a lack of discipline. Check out Paolo Punzalan’s blog for great life applications on this lesson.

It wasn’t just yesterday too. Dozens of talented fighters have shown up but their lack of discipline eventually exposed cracks which lost fights. If they didn’t learn and improve they’d get cut. But many learned from their mistakes and improved. There are no players here with bloated contracts, happy to score points, but who don’t come to win. If you lose regularly, you’ll get cut.

Dana White, president of the UFC, made statements about this recently. (warning: language!)

3. Risk big and you could lose big. But you could also win big. There’s no living without risking. And fighters who play to “not lose” are totally different from those who play to win. Silva took a risk in dropping his hands. It was definitely showboating, but there might have been a strategic motive to psych out Weidman and alter his strategy. He took a chance and lost big time. That’s life.

Weidman also took a big risk on this fight. With his contract up for renegotiation, he decided to wait till after the fight before finalizing things. If he had lost, he’d have signed on for a fraction of his potential. But after this dramatic win, he’ll definitely be making a lot more money now. That’s life too.

So congratulations to the new champ, Chris Weidman! And great championship reign by Anderson Silva. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


Sorry for everyone who couldn’t relate to this one. For a totally different flavor, tomorrow I’ll blog about my thoughts from Four Sisters and a Wedding.

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  • I just had to comment on my own post beuacse the picture that my partner, Scott, put up is hilarious. That is why he is the man. I ask questions, and he delivers. I hope Diego doesn’t take offense. It is just funny. I guess if you don’t know about the cartoon, it may not be funny. My wife doesn’t think it’s funny and she watches the cartoon with our 2 year old every day. I think she is worried about me getting beat up by Diego. Just messing around Diego, I think you are awesome. But it’s still funny.

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