My “Rest” Day

Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day. Last week we conducted our annual Staff Summit for all of our campus missionaries around the Philippines. We do this to reemphasize our Vision, strengthen Connections with God and others, and set the Direction for the coming year.

It was a great time, and like any moment where one’s body, mind, and emotions are fully engaged, it left me completely exhausted at the end. The good kind of exhausted.

So Tuesday was gonna be rest day. My wife and I planned to sit around, read, and maybe watch a couple of episodes of our current favorite tv series.

It started with her waking me up hurriedly. A friend of ours had an emergency and needed prayer. The decision was quick and easy – we had to visit him. We ended up spending 4 hours praying with our friend, talking with the family, and generally having a great time.

The decision was easy because our values were clear. People are more important than my books or TV series. People are more important than my comfort.

What's your idea of comfort?


What do our decisions reveal about our values?

It makes me sad to think that my values haven’t always been so noble.

  • When I was younger I often argued with my brothers about anything – candy, video games, toys, basketball games. At those moments, I valued those things over my brothers.
  • Another thing I’ve become known for among my older friends is my temper in playing basketball. I’d shout at people who messed up, because at that point, winning the game was more important to me than the self-esteem of the other person.
  • A few nights ago, I was practically growling at my wife when we got home. I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to get to bed. When she asked me for a favor I was very morose. I thank God for the grace to snap out of it and to realize what an idiot I was being.
  • When we snap at maids, waiters, security guards, etc., we’re really saying, “My preferences are more valuable than you are.” 
If we’re honest, we’ll see that we don’t really have the best of actions all the time. In fact, though we claim to have noble intentions, our irritations, annoyances, or unforgiveness reveal that we’re much more petty and small-minded than we care to admit.
Amazingly, God chooses to care about people as selfish, insecure, and insignificant as us. The Bible says,
“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?” Psalm 8:3-4
God cared enough to send Jesus to die for us and fix these warped value systems of ours. He showed us what it really means to value others. When I remember who He is and what He did for someone so insignificant (me), I’m changed into someone who values things correctly. And that makes the decision easy.
What’s most valuable to you today?
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