Welcome Home, Son!

This was a long day, especially since it was two days without sleep. Some parts of it were really difficult. Most of it was an adventure, and the final feeling is of elation and gratitude.

Thankful for the professionalism and skill of the staff at this hospital.

Thankful for kind, encouraging, and wise words of mentors who gave of themselves so selflessly.

Thankful for the love and celebration from friends and family. Can’t possibly respond to everyone, but it’s greatly appreciated.

Thankful for my son – who’s already so peaceful, responsive, and impossibly cute at this age. (I love you, Philip.)

Thankful for my heroic wife who endured so much out of love, and is now filled with so much joy. (I love you, Sweetheart.)

Lastly, thankful for the faithfulness of God who is present, active, and constant in very situation. I am already so blessed with Your Son, but now you’ve given me one of my own. Thank you.


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