Plan versus People

The past two months have been very busy at work while trying to juggle the new responsibilities with Philip and entering into one of the busiest quarters of our year. (Come to think of it, what isn’t a busy quarter?)

So today, we had a very significant training event, but we were embarrassingly unprepared. Ideally, we come in with everything prepared, rehearsed, and packaged before the event itself.

But today we were staying just one step ahead of the event. And amazingly, it worked out so well!

There was very little time put into the planning, but because the people were so passionate and professional, they pulled it off.

Now, I’m not excusing poor planning. And we’re definitely making changes in our work flow. But when push comes to shove I’d rather have a great team than a great plan.

A great team can make a mediocre plan work. A mediocre team will ruin a great plan.

It was a great reminder to me that for all the great ideas I can come up with alone, nothing beats the power of a strong team.

Let’s invest more in getting and keeping the right people, and the plans will work themselves out.

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