Philip’s Second Lesson

I haven’t blogged the first lesson yet. But I feel like posting this one today.

One of the highlights of my day is getting home from work right before Philip goes to bed. I help Carla bathe him, then feed him breastmilk from the bottle. Then before he sleeps, we talk or sing together.

Philip seems to know the difference between them. When we’re talking, he stops when I talk then he makes sounds when I stop, like he’s really part of a conversation. But when we’re singing, especially when Carla sings, he likes to make sounds while we sing or hum.

Click the pic for the video
Click the pic for the video
Click the pic for the video. Try and catch the smile in the end!
Click the pic for the video. Try and catch the smile in the end!

While we were in Singapore, he would get home late from all the meetings, tired, sweaty, and very cranky. But after his bath, we’d play the music and he would immediately calm down, smile, and sing along.

I don’t enjoy it because I’m learning something new. In fact, we’ve probably sung the same song 50 times to him already. I don’t like it because it’s helpful to the world because no one benefits from it. It’s not exactly the best singing in the world either. Carla is great as always, but Philip makes unintelligible sounds that are only slightly more in tune than mine.

But we enjoy those times because we’re talking to Philip, our son.

In the same way, praying to God, reading the Bible, and worshipping Him with songs are not achievements to complete. Someone asked me one time if it was alright that he wasn’t learning anything new every time he read his Bible. I told him that while learning something new is a good thing, the main point of reading the Bible, praying, etc., is to spend time with God!

God loves to spend time with us! He looks forward to seeing you. The Bible says that everyone who has put their faith (bet their life, trusted completely) in Jesus is a child of God! Think about that! God’s excited to see you the way I’m excited to see Philip!

So when you read your Bible, when you pray, when you worship – don’t worry about your performance. It isn’t about who has the most eloquent and flowery prayers. It isn’t about who can draw the deepest, most profound lessons. It isn’t about who knows all the words to the songs and even does the second and third voices.

If you do all those things, great! If you don’t, that’s great too! God’s just as happy to see you and hear from you – His son or daughter.

As my dad always says, "God thinks you're cute!"
As my dad always says, “God thinks you’re cute!”
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