The Best Version of My Preaching (Wasn’t By Me)

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Click the pic for the source

Last Sunday, I preached at our Every Nation church here in Singapore on the topic of forgiveness. Plenty of people said they were encouraged, but it wasn’t till yesterday that I got the best feedback about it.

It turns out, there’s a member of our church in Singapore who, in an effort to stay engaged during the sermon, crafts poems about what was preached and shares it with others!

So now, instead of listening to the podcast, let’s read this 9 stanza poem, which amazingly captures the entire essence of the message!

The “Cross Words” series today Joseph Bonifacio did continue
He referred to Luke chapter twenty three, from verse thirty two
Jesus said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”
Even as He was being ridiculed and abused by more than a few

By calling “Father”, despite being under physical and emotional stress
Jesus affirmed that God is with us no matter the hardship or the mess
He also showed that at all times, His first instinct was just to pray
Whether He was teaching or resting or facing His crucifixion day

Jesus said “forgive them” despite that they were doing to Him
He prayed for the people who wanted to tear him limb from limb
By doing so, He was showing us how we should try to live
No matter who does what to us, we should always forgive

But there are limits to human forgiveness, Pastor Joseph said
It might be what we can forgive, or who, or how often instead
Peter asked if forgiving seven times is enough, per Matthew eighteen
But in verse twenty two, Jesus’ answer “seventy times seven” is seen

His words are powerful because a “forgiveness scarcity” is how we think
But as Jesus showed by forgiving us, this concept is just out of sync
“To let things slide” sounds good but leaves us with an open wound
But restorative power comes with forgiveness, to which all can be attuned

Jesus forgave the rulers and soldiers before they did ask
For us to do likewise seems to be a reasonable task
The power to heal and restore result from a forgiveness surplus
Which Jesus released to all from the cross, Joseph did discuss

But when faced with a situation, can we say what Jesus did say?
We should, since Jesus forgave us so for our sins we do not pay
But, Joseph did then say to us, that before we can forgive like Christ
We must receive His forgiveness, which has always more than sufficed

He continued by saying what we did to Jesus is the greatest debt
So whatever others do to us we should readily forgive if not forget
For this world to work, we need both forgiveness and healing
If we do not forgive, we may face consequences unappealing

In conclusion, about the topic of forgiveness Joseph had these words to say
“Imperfect people having perfect relationships because made new every day”

Amazing! For this poem and many more, please check out his blog site:


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