Patrick and Carla

I just got back from a 5 day vacation with my family and I decided to not blog the whole time I was there. It was great being able to rest, but it’s also great to be back.

Patrick and Carla with friend and mentor, Pastor Jeff Elscupidez
Patrick and Carla with friend and mentor, Pastor Jeff Elscupidez

Yesterday was the wedding of our good friends, Patrick Mercado and Carla Ley. Having known Patrick for almost 15 years as a friend, coworker, boss, and roommate, I couldn’t have been happier for him that he’d land such beautiful and godly woman who perfectly complements him.

Three themes stuck out to me that kept being repeated by everyone who took the time to honor them. And I think these are very relevant to today’s love-crazy, relationship-obsessed culture. 

1. Counting the cost

As Patrick and Carla exchanged their vows of love and loyalty to one another, we were all impressed by their maturity. Both of them had counted the cost of being with one another.

They’ve had fights, external forces trying to separate them, differences of personality, and many more. And despite all this they want to be together. In fact, they were willing to forsake everything else to be with each other.

A loving relationship that lasts a lifetime is not going to be easy. In fact, it might just be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do. But couples who can make it work, aren’t just led by their emotions. They’ve counted the cost and they still want each other.

The bride with some of her mentors and friends, including my gorgeous wife!
The bride with some of her mentors and friends, including my gorgeous wife!

2. Community

It seemed that everywhere they went, Patrick and Carla had family and friends eager to celebrate with them. And these weren’t mere acquaintances, Patrick and Carla have really spent time with mentors and friends to strengthen their relationship.

One of the marks of an immature relationship is when the couple imagines themselves to be the only two people in the world who understand each other. These relationships isolate themselves. But a real, lasting love values the input of community in giving wisdom and guidance.

3. Complete faith in GodOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Carla said that it was Patrick’s love and obedience to God that convinced her that he would be a great husband and father. Their faith in God was not a ceremonial thing they added just to be religious. It is a very real part of their relationship. 

It affects the way they make decisions, the way they resolve conflicts, and the way they plan for the future. When God says not to be unequally yoked to an unbeliever, they followed. They observed standards for purity and holiness. They honored their parents at every turn.

This faith in God is also the source of their bright outlook for the future. This wasn’t a Pollyanna, happily-ever-after naiveté. They knew the challenges, but they trusted God to see them through.

So congratulations and best wishes, Patrick and Carla! We are so happy for you and excited for what your future holds! Thank you for being an inspiration to many!

Formal wear seems to suit Philip.
Formal wear seems to suit Philip.
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