It’s Who You’re With

Today was just amazing.

It started with a great event with campus missionaries, youth pastors, volunteers and students from 11 different churches from around the Philippines.

We all came from different denominations, but we are united by the same belief that we want to disciple today’s students for a better Philippines.

It was great hearing the conversations and messages from each one because I could really see and hear what mattered to them. These people weren’t trying to posture or prove anything to each other. Each one was happy to contribute their gifts while also deferring to and honoring one another.

The whole time we were getting to know each other I kept thinking, “Thank you, Lord, for giving me such amazing people to work beside in reaching the next generation.”

And I look forward to getting to know them better in the future!
And I look forward to getting to know them better in the future!

After that, I was stuck in traffic for an hour with two of our young staff who are leading large groups. I can see how heavy the burden is on them, but also admire their humility, willingness to learn, and eagerness to take on the task. It’s a privilege to train young men like that and I’m excited for their future.

We were making our way to the ordination and induction of our new pastors and campus missionaries. Most of them I know from work and church. It was a little sobering to remember that these men and women have made a decision to lay down their own plans for themselves to serve God’s people this way.

Afterwards, I had dinner with several of my classmates from our School of World Missions, nine years ago. We were so insecure, ignorant, and incompetent back then. (Now, at least we’re secure.)

I don’t know what’s a greater miracle: that so many of us would still be following Jesus and serving His Kingdom in different capacities or that we would actually get along with one another and become friends. Either way, I was thankful for them too.

And the day ended with a long drive through traffic with one of my best friends and colleagues, Dan. We talked about his plans, my plans, our wives, our ministry, and so much more. It was great to know that someone’s got your back and will listen to you say things that could be stupid but will give you the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t have a point to this blog. I’m really just trying to capture a little bit of what’s been so awesome about today. If there’s anything you wanna take away from this, it can be this:

Look around you and see who you’re walking with. I hope you’re with men and women who will passionately help you fulfill God’s plan for your life. 

Now it’s time to be with the most important humans in my life: my wife and my son. Good night!

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