Thoughts Before Flying

By the time this entry is posted, my family and I will be in the air on our way to the US. I’ve got a number of meetings and conferences to attend, some of them requiring Carla’s presence. When we asked Philip if he was willing to stay behind or if he would rather come along, he chose the latter. So here we are.

Please pray for good health for all of us! As well as fruitful meetings of all kinds!

I’m getting some of the usual thoughts I have before long flights. But some new ones as well.

– Will I live long enough to see people teleport between countries?

– At least I can sleep on the plane. I always fall asleep in planes. I wish Philip is the same way.

– My wife has so much energy when she travels. She says she’s tired but you can tell she loves it.

– I wonder if we’re dressed well enough to have a chance at that mythical free upgrade to business class. (I wouldn’t believe in this except for that one time in 2005… That was magical. Hmm… What was I wearing in 2005? Considering that my present look has been a slow continuous improvement, then 2005 must have been dismal. But I got the upgrade! Go figure.)

– Would I rather be well-dressed with a chance at an upgrade or looking sloppy but feeling extremely comfortable?

– I hope there aren’t any noisy babies in our section. (Especially our baby.)

– After all the trips to and from the US, the immigration part upon arrival still intimidates me a little. Part of their job, I guess.

– Philip really is a very cool baby. We love bringing this kid around.

– Can’t wait to see so many old friends, new friends, and family members.

– Gonna miss my work back home!

– Why can’t everyone just stay in one big city?

– Turn off my phone? I always wonder what happens if I don’t. But I also always turn it off anyway.

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