What’s the Rush – Part 2

This is a continuation from my blog two days ago about rushing all the time.

So my conversations with Pastor Ariel started to make me think about being more open to interruptions. Then six months later, I read a book that showed me how Jesus was the same way.

It's a pretty good book.
It’s a pretty good book.

The book made the point that when you read about Jesus’ ministry, He was getting interrupted constantly. But He knew when to not let it stop Him and when to talk to the people about it.

Mark 5 and Luke 8 contain the same account of one of Jesus’ famous interruptions.

Here’s the gist from an interruption perspective: Jesus has a crowd waiting for Him to teach or do miracles for them. A man named Jairus comes and says, “Hey, my daughter’s dying. Could you pray for her?” Jesus says, “Sure!’ And He leaves the crowd to go pray for the girl!

That boggled my mind! I would never have done that. I would have told the man to wait in line or set an appointment. The nerve of him to think that I’d be free just like that!

Then Jesus on His way to Jairus’ daughter gets interrupted by a woman who isn’t feeling well. She gets healed, but He decides it’s worth His time to stop and tell her a few things. He was interrupted while tending to another interruption!

That would have sent me over the edge probably. How many times have been about a good work, only to be interrupted by someone, and because of my pride I blow them off?

When I was in college, a classmate stopped me on my way to church and asked if he could go with me. I was rushing to get there on time and told him we had to leave immediately. He said he just had to finish his meal and I said, “Then figure out how to get there. I can’t wait for you.”

I didn’t bring my friend to church because I couldn’t wait for him to finish his chicken dinner. I was too shortsighted to see that this “interruption” was God moving.

(He went to church anyway. Heard the powerful preaching and believed in Jesus that night. I’ll never forget seeing him stand to his feet and acknowledge his need for a Savior. God saves some people through us, but that time He saved in spite of me.)

Jesus knew that the Father arranged all things. The reason He had time for the bleeding woman was He knew the Father had sent her His way. And there would be enough power to heal her AND bring Jairus’ daughter back to life.

What would happen if we stopped seeing interruptions and inconveniences as problems to dodge? What if we saw them as God setting us up for great opportunities?

Recent example of me (belatedly) turning a hassle into an opportunity
Recent example of me (belatedly) turning a hassle into an opportunity

On Monday I’ll blog about practical tips to fight this rushing tendency.

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