How Will They Hear?

I grew up in a Christian home. That doesn’t mean my parents were perfect, but it does mean they acknowledged their mistakes, said they were sorry, and trusted God to help them change. It doesn’t mean my brothers and I were perfect – as anyone who played basketball with us would have automatically known.

I heard Bible stories, sang Christian songs, memorized Bible verses, and knew all the right answers to questions.

But if my mom hadn’t shared the Gospel to me when I was 6, I would have been a very pious sinner. If my dad didn’t share to me again when I was 11, I wouldn’t have known that it was my sin that needed Jesus to die for me.

The pious sinner giving the right answer. (Note the pager.)
The pious sinner giving the right answer. (Note the pager.)


I didn’t understand everything the first time. I didn’t understand everything the second time. I don’t understand everything right now. But I’m glad someone chose to tell me – that I was a sinner, that Jesus died for my sins because He loves me, and that I can have eternal life if I will trust Him as my Lord and believe in His death and resurrection.

Young or old, churched or unchurched, whatever the background, everyone needs to hear about what Jesus did for them.

Here’s what the Bible says,

For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? Romans 10:13-14

For people to believe, someone needs to tell them. This is called EVANGELISM.

Here are some of my recent encounters with telling people about what Jesus did for them.

  • A man lay in the ICU. He had a disease that was creeping up his body, slowly paralyzing him. Carla and I visited him and told him about Jesus’ sacrifice for his sins. He prayed, “Lord, please heal my body. But first, please heal my spirit. I want to be your friend.” Today, he’s serving Jesus and stronger and healthier than ever.
  • Our small group had been engaging this man for months. He had grown up in a different religious background and had many questions and doubts. But we took time to hear him out and talk. Finally, after 6 months of active conversation, I asked him the question he’d heard many times before, “Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and that you will be saved through Him?” I’ll never forget his response, “I want to believe… I think I believe… Wait, do I believe? I believe it. I believe!” And overnight, he had a strong hunger to hear God’s word and pray to Him. Today, he and his wife are based outside of the Philippines, serving God together.
  • After sharing the Gospel and praying with this one man, I asked him, “If you were to die today, and an angel asked you why you should be allowed into Heaven, what would you say?” His response almost brought tears to my eyes. With calm confidence, he said, “Because God wants me to be in Heaven! I didn’t deserve it, but He sent Jesus to die for me anyway!” Today, this man is consistently getting into God’s Word and growing in His faith.

Whatever our background, if you know who Jesus is, we have the responsibility and privilege of telling others about what He has done for them. They will not know unless we say it.

And if you don’t know who Jesus is, I’ve got great news for you. ūüôā Message me and let’s talk about it. Or find the closest Christian to you and ask them.


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