Stuff My Dad Told Me

When it comes to Leadership, it’s no exaggeration to say that I know what I know because of my dad. Much of it is from him directly. And everything that came from someone and somewhere else was learned because he modeled and encouraged a lifestyle of learning.

It wasn’t the lectures or preachings that he gave. Most of the lessons were from everyday life. So here are some of the leadership statements my dad gave through the years. I hope to share his wisdom as well.

  • When I produced mediocre grades in college: C’s and B’s are fine if that’s the best you can do. But is that the best you can do? I didn’t think so. Get to it.
  • When I complained that it was difficult to studies and extra curricular work: If you think your life is hard, imagine mine. That’s where you know who the real leaders are from the complainers. You just get stronger.
  • Almost every week: You’re a leader. Don’t forget it. Live to serve others.
  • Whenever I did something well or said something smart: Wow! That’s amazing! Hey! Don’t get proud. God opposes the proud. You don’t want God opposing you. …But good job.
  • When I volunteered at our campus ministry: I’m glad you volunteered! How do you plan to go every week though? You don’t think I’m gonna take you, right? No, you’re gonna take the buses and jeeps like the majority of Filipinos.
  • At every party with a buffet: Stop. Don’t charge the buffet like hungry cows. Let the women and those younger than you get first. If there’s nothing left, then we’ll eat something on the way home. Don’t get used to serving yourself first.
  • When my brothers and I would fight: Of course you guys will fight! You’re leaders. You all want your own way. But great leaders are the ones who can work with other great leaders to do something great!
  • After hanging up the phone with one of his friends or mentors: I love my church! I love… (Steve, Manny, Ferdie, Paolo, etc…) You know what, Joe, you need men who will make you better!
  • On honoring him: You always make sure you honor me. I won’t always be right. But if you will always honor me, God will bless you. That’s a promise.
  • It’s always about the leader, guys. If you are willing to do something about it, you can lead.
  • When I started working in ministry: You get other mentors. You’ll always have me, and you know how I think already. Talk to other men so you learn the things I can’t teach you.
  • When I didn’t read my Bible: Don’t tell me you didn’t have time. Because you had time for everything else. The real reason is you wanted to play nintendo more than read your Bible. At least say that so you don’t fool yourself.
  • While discussing his plans for inheritance: Whatever I have is for God’s Kingdom. If you’re following God, I’ll give you guys a majority. But if you decide to forsake Him, then I’ll give the majority to the church and to missions because we’re supposed to honor God with our money.
  • On How To Live: Nothing to Prove. Nothing to Lose. Nothing to Hide. Nothing to Fear. That’s how you wanna live.
  • If you’re the leader, it all falls on you. Whoever is willing to take responsibility is the true leader. 
  • On Money: Money should never be the primary reason for doing something. God will always provide for His people doing His purpose.
  • On Adversity: God made you strong to carry heavy things, to do hard work, and to protect people. So don’t be afraid of having a hard time. You’re a man. That’s the way you’re supposed to live.

I have to stop here because this blog is getting really long. I hope this honors the man who really modeled an example of powerful servant-leadership. Hope it inspires others too!

Philip loves listening to his Tata.
Philip loves listening to his Tata.


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