What’s the Big Deal?

A bunch of us from our church have been blogging about Discipleship for some time now. Every week, at our church services we are all reminded that we are here on earth to Honor God and Make Disciples.

I’m grateful for the people who have gone ahead of us who have reminded us about the value of Discipleship.

But some people might wonder at this almost obsession with it. So here are some reasons I could think of to explain

What’s the big deal with Discipleship?

1. Jesus never told us to convert to Christianity. But He made disciples and calls us to do the same.

2. Many Christians are religious but their lives are ineffective and without power because they’ve never been discipled.

3. Many people are turned off by Christianity because they see people claiming to be religious, but not living the lifestyle.

4. Big congregations may be impressive to some, but it’s disciples who will reach others.

5. The biblical emphasis is on discipleship, not religion.

6. Our faith is fully expressed within a community, not solo.

7. The world doesn’t need more people who will convert religions. But it does need people who will live like Jesus, out of their faith in Him.


So here are some links from people and their Discipleship stories.

  • I blogged about five of the men who discipled me. Check out those stories here and here.
Hmm... Maybe a little too much Godfather
Hmm… Maybe a little too much Godfather
  • My wife does the same with the women who discipled her. I’m grateful to them too! That’s here.
  • See why my officemate, Perci, is sometimes called my oldest son in the office.
  • A video blog by Jek and his friends for those who don’t want to read!
  • Pastor Paolo explains why Discipleship can’t be taken from a book or video.
  • You Were Never Meant to Do It Alone by Fiona Alvero shows how so many people impact each other’s lives.
  • Dennis Sy shows a before and after of the man who discipled him.
  • All Because of Love by Elle Cabiling. I like how she honors her mom first.
  • When I Grow Up by Karess Rubrico. I like how she honors my mom also!
  • I like this one by Em Gomez. She shows what she learned from each relationship.
  • Don’t wanna read a wall of text? Check out this comic by Ganns!
  • Check out for a bunch of short stories on Discipleship.

But these are other people’s stories. The most important question for each of us is what’s your discipleship story?


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