Old Family Stuff

It’s late. I’ve had a long but great day at work and with my family. So I don’t have time to write a new blog.

But here are some old blogs from last year up to 4 years ago. All of them are under the theme of FAMILY.



  • Road Trip (posted May 18, 2012) – About the time I got stuck in a thunderstorm with my wife
  • Round One… Listen! (posted May 14, 2012) – About our biggest fight while planning our wedding
  • Just Another Manic Monday (posted July 11, 2012) – Just one of my many goof-ups in this family
  • A Husband: Man and Gentleman (posted September 2, 2012) – I wrote this about the time I didn’t want to take a shower.
  • Thirty Years (October 3, 2012) – About my parents’ 30 year anniversary
  • Giants in the World, Pygmys at Home (posted February 4, 2013) – Peter the Great, brilliant political leader, failed father and husband
  • My Wife Needs to Sleep (posted December 22, 2010) – Our first Christmas as husband and wife!
  • Who Do You Love First? (posted March 10, 2014) – I always felt this entry didn’t get promoted enough. It answers the question, “Who should I love first?” And it shows why the choice is a false choice. You can love both if you love the right one first.
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