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Taking a break from blogging today to link some amazing blogs that I’ve had the joy of reading this past week. There’s something for everyone – the leader making mistakes, the lost seeking answers, the loquacious especially with gossip, the lovesick for a relationship, the languishing through trials, and the luminaries of the home.

I'd like to thank my dictionary for making that alliteration possible.
I’d like to thank my dictionary for making that alliteration possible.
  • My Thoughts on the Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill, Acts 29 Scandal by Pastor Steve Murrell – Let’s start off with something juicy! Pastor Steve shares his personal opinion on what happened in another major church and ministry. Read this first!
  • The Immaculate Misconception by Shekinah Bangsil – A very honest, open, and insightful account of a young woman’s journey from childhood to self-righteousness to rebellion to relationship. If you’ve ever doubted your faith, questioned the reason behind things, or been offended by seemingly good people, you’ll be able to relate with this one.
  • Mistakes Leaders Make by Pastor Dennis Sy – This is actually a series of blogs that I’ve been following. Very great stuff! These mistakes are common and very easy to commit so I would recommend this to any person in leadership.
  • “Later You Will Understand” by Pastor Paolo Punzalan – I wish everyone would read this blog! Tragedies and pain are realities of our life. Here Pastor Paolo shares from his personal experiences about major pains in his life. Short, but full of power and truth!
  • Five “Motivations” That Could Be Hurting Our Children by Thammie Sy – What makes this blog so great is how Thammie identifies tendencies that are so common. I could easily see myself doing these things to Philip one day, so I’m glad Thammie pointed them out now. Gonna bookmark this one for later.
  • To See and To Seek by the gorgeous, good-natured, godly, goofy but not gabby, gentle but not guileless Carla Bonifacio a.k.a. Rica Peralejo – My wife writes about a beautiful wedding we attended two Mondays ago. While the event itself was amazing, it was the story behind it that gave so much meaning.

Happy reading!

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