Where’s Your Center?

My dad said something at church yesterday that really struck home. He described how a compass points North. When we are lost, by simply finding where true north is, we can probably figure out where we are and where we need to go.

Without the compass, we would have too much information but no way to make sense of it. But by simply pointing out the true north, we can now make sense of all the data and find our way.

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Isn’t that something we deal with often in life?

When there’s too much data and too many options, it can be hard to make a decision.

  • When the pain we feel is too great, it’s hard to respond in the right way.
  • Sometimes people give different opinions on what we should do with our lives, it can be hard to filter the bad ones.
  • What if the choices aren’t exactly right or wrong, but both options seem equally bad or good?
  • How about the times when things happen to us that don’t make sense?
  • Or maybe there’s a part of the Bible we’ve read that doesn’t make sense or bothers us.

We’ve all faced those times in our life where we feel lost, confused, or uncertain where to go.

As my dad explained, in the same way that the compass points us to the north so we can find our way, WORSHIPPING Jesus is our way of finding our bearings. It points our hearts to the right direction – that Jesus is the center of our world and life. From there, everything else can be figured out.

Last Saturday, my dad and I were meeting with a man who was trying to navigate a tricky season in his family, marriage, and finances. There wasn’t a clear “do this” from the Bible. But when we talked about honoring God, worshipping God with his money, and obeying his conscience, the right decision became clear immediately.

So the next time you feel lost about something. Don’t wander in circles. Stop and find your true north. Worship God – not just with a few songs but with your life, your decisions, from the heart. Then everything else will be clear.


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