Living on Mission

Growing up I loved watching the Mission Impossible series. I imagined getting a cassette tape containing a message giving me top secret instructions. Of course, complete with the closing statement, “This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Joe.” I tried telling my wife to give errands to run in that manner but that didn’t work. Apparently it’s too difficult to do that weekly.

Is this really too much to ask for?
Is this really too much to ask for?

It was the concept of being about a mission that was exciting. But you don’t need a self-destructing cassette tape or membership in a secret organization to have a mission. If you have a relationship with Jesus, you have been drafted into a mission already. The problem is many people on this mission

To live “on mission” means:

  • Nothing you do is accidental or pointless, it either contributes to or detracts from the mission.
  • You are not living for yourself alone, but to accomplish the goal.
  • A life of service to others over personal pleasure and gain, knowing that your satisfaction is assured in Jesus.
  • You’ve counted the cost and you know the benefit of having Jesus is worth every sacrifice.
  • You live to please your commanding officer.
  • You know that you’ve only received this chance, because God first put Himself on a mission to save you. And He will finish the job in and through you.

My prayer for us this week is that we live on mission. Nothing that’s happening to you right now or this week is by accident. Whether it be good or bad, try this prayer: “Lord, help me act in line with Your mission today.”

To hear more about this, check out my preaching at Victory Fort yesterday at my dad’s blog.

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