What’s The point?

Found a link that shows how often a particularly term is googled. So I tried my name and the results are laughable.


According to this chart, “Joseph Bonifacio” was never searched for by anyone. Ever.

Then I got engaged to Carla on May 30, 2009. And there was a record high number of searches. I guess when the news broke, first in our blogs and tweets then by the media, people people wanted to know, “Rica Peralejo is getting married to who???”

Then we see that the searches ended in the beginning of 2010, which is when we got married. And “Joseph Bonifacio” was not searched by anyone again for more than a year.

Now there are some smatterings and flickerings of searches, but nothing like before. My fifteen minutes was over, just when I was getting used to it.

I’m crushed. I try and I try to be searched for but no one’s looking for me. Fame is the most cruel drug, a harsh master. It gave me a glorious dose of attention and took it away. It’s better to have never been known at all, than to have been known and now forgotten!

Just kidding.

I didn’t marry my famous wife to get famous. I married her to be with her.

It seems obvious but sometimes that fact can be easy to forget.

  • My wife mentioned recently how we got into a fight. When we fight, I sometimes forget that I married her to be with her. At that moment, I just want to be right. (And her to be wrong.)
  • Sometimes when I do things for her, there’s a temptation to compare what I do with what she does. Then the relationship becomes about who does more for the other. But that isn’t the point. The point is to be with her.
  • When there’s so much to do, I sometimes catch myself just barking instructions and carrying out tasks with her. At that time, the point becomes about doing tasks. But I need to remember that I’m only doing these tasks because I love her and want to be with her.

In short, it’s very easy for us to forget the point of our relationships. My prayer for us today is that whether it’s our relationship with family, friends, or with God we will remember what the point is. It’s to be with each other.

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