Obeying God’s Call

Last night, we had the 12th Commencement Exercise of our Every Nation School of Campus Ministry. I was encouraged to watch 29 more men and women who have committed their lives to discipling students on campus and all over the Philippines. They’ve all made sacrifices, taken risks, and overcome opposition to get where they are. And I’m confident God will meet them powerfully.

Great capture by this gorgeous photographer
Great capture by this gorgeous photographer

We also took the time to honor one of our Outstanding Alumni of campus ministry – Maya Reynoso. I’ve known Maya ever since I went into full-time vocational ministry. But it was five years ago when we got to work more closely with her at our School of Campus Ministry. There are many characteristics worthy of  highlighting in her character: her willingness to serve in any capacity, diligence in making disciple of students, ability to overlook offense and carry on, and hunger for learning and personal improvement.

But the main thing that we can all learn or remember about her story is the importance of CALLING. Maya’s work is excellent because it isn’t just a job or a paycheck for her. She is called to do this. The idea of being called means you believe that God Himself has asked you to do this. It’s also more than just your occupation. It’s about how you live your life.

A person who is called will put in the extra effort. A person who is called will overcome obstacles. A person who is called will trust God for provision. A person who is called will see their labor blessed by God.

Here’s the video we showed to honor Maya.

Alumna Award Video from LifeBox Creative on Vimeo.

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