I Don’t Know, But Somebody Knows

Our church recently finished a series on the book of Job, which is probably my favorite book in the whole Bible. It reads like a script for a musical and deals with some of the most gripping and universal human issues – pain and suffering.

The automatic question we all ask when going through suffering is, “Why me?” Why are all of these terrible things happening? What’s the reason behind it?

Job is no different. The majority of the book is him and his friends searching for reasons or explanations. (SPOILER: They never find any.)

What’s interesting is the reader sees dialogues between God and Satan that allow us to see the backstory behind Job’s suffering. But Job and his friends never find the reason. There is a reason behind his pain, but he never finds out what that reason is. In the end, he is just thankful that while he won’t know the reasons, he knows God. In the end, God restores everything that was lost to him.

In the same way, we all go through pain and suffering to varying degrees in our life. One encouragement we can draw from Job is that God knows the reason even if we sometimes never will. Our suffering is not just by chance or the whim of a capricious force of nature. It is controlled by God and He will bring out the best even out of suffering.

In short, I don’t know why these things happened. But I’m glad someone does.

Here’s a preaching I did on the subject. You can view the rest of the series here.

Or watch it on YouTube:

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