Encouraging Failures

Sometimes when I read the Bible, I’m encouraged by God’s promises to us.

Sometimes when I read the Bible, I’m encouraged by God’s power and how He moves on behalf of His people.

Sometimes when I read the Bible I’m encouraged by God’s character – His love, patience, and justice.

And sometimes when I read the Bible, I’m encouraged that God used so many selfish, stupid, and stubborn people. Coz it gives me hope for myself and others around me.

He called these imperfect, sinful people, and even used them as part of His plan to save the world.

  • In the Old Testament, all of the “heroes” are flawed men and women who consistently make dumb and self-centered decisions.
  • In the Psalms, David, the giant-killer, often comes across emotional, insecure, and complaining to God.
  • In the Gospels, there are so many cringe-worthy words and actions from the disciples, but Jesus still trusted them with world evangelization.
  • In the letters to the churches, Paul, Peter, and James have to deal with churches with all kinds of issues – immorality, division, listening to false teachers, etc.

Now, God didn’t keep them that way. They were constantly being corrected and improving as they followed Him. His Holy Spirit worked inside them to make them more and more like Jesus.

So for anyone reading this who’s aware of their shortcomings and failures, be encouraged! You’re exactly the person God uses. As you continue to trust Him, you won’t stay that way. He’ll make something great out of you.


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