Walk With Me Moments

We call them “Walk With Me” moments. One of our leaders, our fathers in the ministry, will talk to you individually and say, “Walk with me.” That’s when you know it’s coming.

Sometimes, rarely, it’s nothing but a coffee run. Usually, it’s a correction. They’re giving you the dignity and ability to respond well by doing it in private. 

I had a similar moment with a younger man I’m mentoring. I had to bring some very personal and piercing correction because he wasn’t listening to gentler approaches.

To his credit, he took it squarely without excuses and without drama. And he gave the best possible response: 

I need help.

The best way to receive correction is to acknowledge you need help. 

I gave him this encouragement:

There are people with much smaller issues than yours who haven’t received correction well and their lives are a mess. And there are people with much bigger issues than yours, who received correction well, and now they’re flourishing. The real issue is how you’ll receive the correction. What will you do now?

And in this area, he composed himself well.

We’ve all got issues in our lives. But those don’t need to control us or dictate our destiny. The real concern is can you receive correction well?

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