What Your Mentors Say (About You)

My wife said something very profound yesterday afternoon. 

“You can tell a lot about a person by who they choose to listen to. It tells you if they’re really looking for wisdom or just someone to agree with them.”

Do an audit of the people you go to for wisdom. First question: do you have people you consult or are you the pinnacle of all human knowledge?

The Bible records the account of one of the most tragic leadership failures ever, which was caused entirely by listening to the wrong mentors.

Here are some tips for choosing mentors:

  • Don’t get people who are impressed with you right now. Choose mentors who believe in who you can be.
  • Don’t get people who only think like you. They’ll only affirm your bad habits. Choose mentors who will give you a different perspective. 
  • Don’t get people who aren’t willing to hurt your feelings. If you need a hug, go to your Lola. Choose mentors who love you enough to risk offending you.
  • Don’t get people who you can fool with whatever facade you out up. Choose mentors who can see through you. 
  • Don’t get people who are only fun to be with right now. Choose mentors who are living where you want to be one day.

Choose wisely and you will reap the benefits your whole life. 


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