Will You Be Iguodala?

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors!


My favorite storyline from the NBA Finals:

  • In the beginning of the season, Iguodala agrees to come off the bench this season, despite being a starter his whole career because that’s what was best for the team.
  • Then he puts in a crucial performance in the Finals, defending Lebron James (who played an amazing season and playoffs) and providing offensive sparks, especially when the rest of the team was chucking bricks.
  • His efforts are recognized when he wins the Finals MVP award.


The funny thing is even though some people question it, his teammates couldn’t be happier for him. And he probably wouldn’t care if he didn’t get the award because it’s been about the team all along.

So here’s the question: Will you be Iguodala?

  • Will you be willing to sacrifice your own position to help others get to the top?
  • Will you be ready to give up your own opportunities, if it means the team has a better chance of success?
  • Will you listen to your coach and sit on the bench?
  • Will you come off the bench with a spark and give your best effort?

The teams who can work together and lay aside personal agendas for a bigger vision will always accomplish the most.

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