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I posted something on Facebook after seeing a number of recent posts about Bible translations and having a couple of people ask me questions about it. I appreciated those who looked for wisdom when they found something unfamiliar and confusing.

If you have a question about the translations, read his blog.
If you have a question about the translations, read his blog.

But I was very bothered by those who forwarded something out of ignorance that was very deceptive, disparaging, and damaging.

And it isn’t just this instance. There are many examples of Christians using their social media accounts to recklessly spread gossip or lies. Things like:

  • stories that demean or mock others, especially other believers (Many people can’t resist the thrill in tearing down a prominent believer.)
  • stories that are completely untrue but pretend to give glory to God (Remember the wedge in the storm that prayer supposedly created? I know prayer works, and I don’t need a misunderstood image to prove it.)
  • stories that are obviously written to be more controversial than truth (Like this Bible translations story. I don’t know what took less discernment – writing it or forwarding it)

And the more I think about it, there is really NO GOOD REASON to do this. People are only doing this out of:

  • a desire for more attention
  • a desire to stir up controversy
  • too lazy to open the Bible
  • too lazy/proud to ask for help

None of these things are good, are they? So let’s not encourage it.

Here’s an idea, the next person you see forwarding that Bible translations blog or anything like it, send them this article, or better yet, send them a personal message where you thoughtfully explain to them why that’s not helping. If they really wanna help, go get discipled and make disciples.

Here are other action points:

  • Research before you forward. The Bible says to “test everything” and it commends people who check the Scriptures before believing the latest thing.
  • Don’t look to fake stories for encouragement. There are millions of true testimonies and there’s the beauty of the Scriptures that are more exciting than a forwarded article.
  • If the most exciting part of your Christian faith is some shady article, then maybe you should turn off the computer, read your Bible, and get involved in discipleship.
  • If you aren’t sure, ask for help.
  • If you aren’t sure, DON’T FORWARD! I know it sounds radical, but you don’t need to forward everything you see.

Our social media accounts are our words. And God will hold us accountable for them. Let’s use them responsibly.

P.S. While we’re on the subject, if you really wanna post that selfie, go ahead. But stop tacking on Bible verses to act like it’s a spiritual thing. If you wanna show yourself off please leave the Bible out of it. kthnxbai

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