Taking It For Granted

When I was a kid, I took my parents’ anniversary for granted. Each year came and we greeted them. They seemed happy to celebrate it, but it was not the most exciting occasion for a kid.

But lately I realized, it’s one thing to get to 33 years. It’s another thing to get there in such a strong and steady manner. Sometimes, when people execute at such a high caliber so consistently, we forget just how difficult it is to do what they do. Like Lebron James scoring 30 points or Ferrari winning the Formula 1, it’s become a fact of life.

It’s only now that I’ve been married five years, that I realize what a milestone every year is. And my parents have been doing this for 33 years going strong, without the slightest question  of “Will my parents stay together?” in any of our minds. This is nothing but the grace of God clearly working in both their lives.

So today, I want to greet them again, like I’ve done twenty or more times in the past. But this time with more meaning.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Pop! Thanks for being a great example to us and to generations of younger couples. Here’s to many more years together!



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