Serving is Not Always Leadership.

Here are some leadership thoughts from the past few weeks. Would love to hear any feedback, changes, or challenges to them.

1. Serving is not always leadership. But true leadership is always serving.

2. If you want more leaders, grow them. Don’t ask for them. A leader who asks for leaders is like a carrot farmer who gets his carrots from the supermarket.

3. There’s nothing wrong with being a bad leader. Just don’t lead. If you do want to lead, start working on your leadership.

4. Leadership is situational. The right leadership move changes with the time, the place, and most importantly, the people.

5. Leadership can take many forms. There is no great leader personality, skill set, or gift set. This means anyone who is willing to serve, to work hard, and to sacrifice can lead somewhere.

6. Being the leader doesn’t make you a better person. It just makes you the leader.

7. Don’t lead if you’re looking to be accepted, to be understood, or to be celebrated. Lead if you want to accept, understand, and celebrate others.

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