04: Chef’s Tools, Leading In Anxiety, and Thoughts on Marriage

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Carla talks about watching more Masterclasses. Joe talks about a book he’s reading. And we spend a lot of time looking at Marriage from different angles.

Time Codes:

01:09 – We read some emails
02:58 – Carla is into Thomas Keller’s Masterclass
08:02 – Joe is into The Leader’s Journey
12:54 – Topic of the Day: Marriage
18:15 – Carla quotes The Meaning of Marriage
23:20 – Joe compares marriage to drafting an NBA player
26:00 – Can you marry the wrong person?
29:52 – How family history plays into marriage
36:08 – Marriage and Roles to Play
43:01 – Some of the beauty of Marriage
46:54 – Leadership and personality
48:09 – The effects of wrong expectations
50:13 – Joe addresses the men55:21 – Q&A

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