09: Calling, Cavities, Authors, and Dude Perfect

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Joe is into the Dude Perfect documentary. Carla is into cavity build up. (?!) We talk about calling. If there are a lot of questions, we’ll make it into a series. Also, the kids are in the room. Listen till the end for the bloopers.

Time Codes:

00:00 – Why we missed a week
05:36 – Joe is Into Dude Perfect
07:16 – Carla is into the build-up of cavity (?!)
09:54 – What is the last name of Joseph, the husband of Mary?
11:00 – Topic of the Day: Calling|
13:57 – Wrong Ways to Understand Calling
15:29 – Three Parts of the Call of God in our Lives
27:14 – The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. (Frederick Buechner)
29:06 – The Dude Perfect Documentary and Calling
34:20 – The Importance of Creating Value
39:37 – The Beauty of A Life in the Middle of God’s Call
41:24 – Sometimes One’s Calling Comes in Parcels
44:31 – Our Four Point Grid for Guiding Our Call (Calling over Career, Message over Brand, Character over Image, Service as Success)
52:38 – Q&A: Some of our favorite authors (including Philip’s!)
01:03:00 – Bloopers

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