08: Motherhood Episode, Carla Follows More Podcasts, and Joe’s First (Only?) Videogame Entry

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We talk about motherhood: the impact our mothers have had on us, the darkside of motherhood, and how we honor our parents when we feel God is telling us something else from what they want us to do.


01:14 – Joe is into Rome: Total War
05:50 – Carla is into Brené Brown’s podcast
16:21 – Topic of the Day: Motherhood
17:04 – Carla’s Lesson from Her Mom
21:15 – A Dad’s Influence Compared to a Mom’s Influence
23:05 – Joe’s First Lesson From His Mom
25:30 – Motherhood and Space
40:40 – The Difference in our Footsteps
44:34 – The Danger of Idolizing Motherhood
49:14 – Carla’s KDrama Mentoring Group
50:58 – Valentine’s Day in the Bonifacio House
55:11 – The Danger of Idolizing Children
01:03:02 – Honor Doesn’t Mean Obedience
01:06:44 – Question and Answer: How to Honor Toxic Parents

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