18: Five Tips for Less Anxious Leadership

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Leading in Anxious Times has been a great series for many of us but we still have a long way to go in applying it in our personal lives. Here are some tips on how we can jump start or continue to apply some of these concepts, not only in our leadership but in every area of our lives.

4:45 – Five tips to help us keep having less anxious leadership:

4:49 – 1. Give yourself space, margin, and time for reflection.

  • You need it in the beginning of your day, in the middle of your day, and even at the end of your day. 
  • For some, it’s their quiet time or devotion. Some have what they call leadership space where they take time to think through some of their decisions—things they’ve done or things that need to be done—in between meetings or tasks. 
  • It’s this reflection that allows you to examine yourself and do things differently.
  • This doesn’t mean isolation but it’s taking a break (e.g. having a few minutes away from your phone or any device, or going for a walk).

8:06 – 2. Be honest with your emotions.

  • You have to really say it. You have to articulate it: “I feel like…”
  • “Suppose” has nothing to do with it. It’s either you feel that way or you don’t.

10:35 – 3. Examine your assumptions.

  • Examine the assumptions that are driving those emotions. Sometimes they’re accurate, but many times they’re not.
  • To examine your assumptions, ask yourself “Is this true?”

15:20 – 4. Widen your perspective.

  • Anxiety is a narrowing force. 
  • What is causing your anxiety right now? 
  • Widening your perspective allows you to look at something, at your relationships as a whole, not only the specific incident.
  • Widening your perspective is also not allowing one thing to define your identity, your value, or even your mood for the day. But it’s taking the full picture, especially God’s perspective, on your day.
  • Widening your perspective helps you look at other’s condition and not only your own.
  • What do you need to widen your perspective about today?

20:19 – 5. Have someone you can talk to.

  • A community of grace and truth where you have the freedom to speak, rant, or be immature but also empowers you to take responsibility.

The ENC Leadership Podcast is hosted by Joseph Bonifacio.

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