“Please invade my privacy at your discretion.”

While driving last week I got a text from a good friend that could be seen as an invasion of privacy. It said in Tagalog, “Who are you with? She doesn’t look like your wife.” I laughed and showed it to my niece beside me who I was taking to get enrolled for the 2nd semester. I then called my friend, Pastor Marc Constantino, and explained who she was to him.

On Monday, I was cooking dinner (sautéed broccoli, mashed potaoes, and spicy tuna and egg scramble) and I got a call from my good friend and colleague, LA Mumar. LA wanted to talk with me about somethings I’d said and how they might be misunderstood. He advised me to be wiser in the way I communicate, saying that our words carry weight and can go far. I admitted my fault to him and we then began talking about other work stuff.

Both these men meddled in my business. They stuck their nose into things that really weren’t within their scope or responsibility. In both of those times, the temptation to respond defensively was there. “Who are they to ask or say such things? Sino ba sila para sabihin yon? My life is none of their business. Who gave them any right to do that?” But I’m glad they did. I’m thankful for friends, brothers really, like those men who took the time to talk to me straight about something they saw and needed for me to hear.

This is what true accountability is. It requires the cooperation of two sides. One side that invites people to speak into their life and another that loves their friend more than themselves, enough to move them to action when he/she needs help. It’s a voluntary invitation for trusted people to invade your privacy. On our own, I have so many blind spots, areas of weakness, and shortcomings. But with people like them watching my back, I won’t fall as easily. Even when I do, it won’t be for long. I am thankful for friends like them, and I always pray to be a friend like that to others as well.

Who have you invited to invade your privacy?

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  • JoeyMo invades my privacy. And like you, I always want to be defensive. I learned to accept corrections, to listen to my wrongs being spoken out loud in front of my face even though it doesn’t really sound good to hear. I appreciate him for telling me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. Thank God for my pastor. 🙂

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