Wedding Post #1.5: She Said Yes

I know I said I’d blog something else in the next post, but things have been pretty crazy. Last Friday, after a regular week’s work, which included a branding meeting (exciting!) and numerous other things in development, I was finally ordained as a pastor in our church. I’d been functioning and recognized as one along with over a hundred others, so this ceremony was more for recognition and “to fulfill all righteousness” to borrow a phrase from Jesus.

Great moment with spiritual and biological family – very significant while staying light hearted.

Immediately after the ceremony, my wife and I changed and went straight to the bus station to catch a bus to Bicol where we proceeded to climb Mt. Bulusan, a volcano that’s been closed for a few years and recently declared inactive. Climbing a volcano!!! Who could resist that? We got back this morning. And after spending two nights in a bus and one night on a sleeping bag, I’m looking forward to sleeping on a real bed.

24 hours in buses, 6 hours in jeepneys, 14.4 km hike, 1,561 meters above sea level, innumerable cuts and scrapes – totally worth it!

In short, no time to blog about that other thing I promised. So in the spirit of blogging something, ANYTHING really, here’s an old blog I wrote three years ago after I proposed to Carla. Then at the bottom, check out the link to my brother’s blog for his take on the events. This was first posted on Multiply and is entitled She Said Yes.

I’m getting married.

Last Saturday, the 30th of May 2009, I asked Rica “Carla” Peralejo, my girlfriend of 10 months, to marry me and she said yes. The feeling is a weird mix of adulthood-responsibility and child-like glee.

We’ve been dating for 10 months now and it has been a very enriching,fulfilling, challenging, pruning, and growing experience. We’ve talked, laughed, cried, fought, and forgiven. The time just felt right to move on. After getting the advice and counsel of many older and wiser people, as well as taking the time to pray and ask God on my own, I decided to move our relationship to the next level.

I feel so privileged and really blessed (in the fullest, truest sense of the word) to be in this relationship with her. What an awe-inspiring thing it is to imagine that God would entrust the well-being of one of His most precious works of art – a human life – to you.

I’m gonna blog about the details of the proposal as well as our story some time soon when the pictures are ready. I’m also still trying to digest everything in order to write coherently.

There are so many people who I want to appreciate also, and I’ll do that in segments to be able to give full appropriate appreciation to thoseconcerned. It’s really been an amazing journey, with so much more to look forward to.

For a more detailed and hilarious take on the event, read my brother’s blog as he describes the process from his perspective.

Stay tuned. 😉

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