Bright Lights Are For Dark Times

Taking a break from the short family series I started in order to focus on what’s going on in Manila right now. My wife and I are currently in a gathering of youth pastors and campus workers from around the world in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It’s going really well, but we’re also monitoring the situation back home at every opportunity.

At first it was with growing concern then some worry as we contacted friends and family back home to see how they’re doing. It was very saddening to hear about the death tolls and property destruction.

But it’s also with a growing sense of pride and inspiration to see how our people are responding during this time. As difficult as it is to see our country go through this, I couldn’t be prouder to be a Filipino to see the country acting faster and in unity. Even Twitter is for the most part united in concern for the affected and updating the people.

So as someone who is temporarily on the outside (though looking forward to getting back next week), it’s so inspiring to see our country, in a general sense, and our churches responding in such a powerful way during this difficult time. Bright lights really are for dark times.

Here are some blogs that helped me get caught up during this time. I hope they’re helpful to you as well.

A Beautiful Prayer by the Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe

Great blog by Paolo Punzalan on How to Help During Calamity

A similar blog by Dennis Sy on The Time to Help

Cool infographic on how to purify water for yourself

List of relief efforts you can participate in



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  • But I urge you to keep your courage, for none of you will be lost; only the ship will be destroyed. (Acts 27:22)

    “I will be still, know You are God.” – my LSS 🙂

    The sun is shining at its brightest as I’m typing this. God is good. No contest.

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