Superman and Every Dad’s Job

I watched Man of Steel last Wednesday and couldn’t help but think of my dad. For one thing, my dad is a major movie buff. He sometimes says that he would have liked to direct a film coz of the challenge of the whole thing. Secondly, my dad made sure we watched Christopher Reeves’ Superman movies on VHS when we were children. He explained to us the significance of those wire special effects in those days. (But he stopped at Superman 2 because he said the rest were dumb.)

But what really made me remember him were the two dads Superman has in Man of Steel. Regardless of one’s views about the movie itself, I think we can agree that Superman/Clark has great fathers.

There was Jonathan Kent, played by Kevin Costner, as his dad on Earth. And Jor-El, his dad from Krypton, played by Russel Crowe. My first thought was, “No wonder Superman turned out that way if you’re raised by Dances With Wolves/Eliott Ness/Robin Hood and Gladiator/Robin Hood/Javert.

  • Jonathan Kent taught him the right way to live. That’s where Clark Kent was guided and formed.
  • And Jor-El believed in him and his future. That’s where Superman was launched.
Three awesome dads. Two are fictional. One is real.

I believe that’s something every dad should do. And I’m thankful for a dad who did that to us.

He taught us the right way to live. He taught us to make sacrifices for the greater good, to work hard, and to delay gratification. He taught us to love others and forgive those who do you wrong. He taught us to trust God. Most importantly, he modeled that lifestyle for us.

He believed in us. I can’t remember a single time when I didn’t feel like my dad believed in me. He constantly spoke about our destiny, even at what seemed like weird moments growing up. I remember him always cupping my face in his hands saying, “You’re gonna be a great man.” Immediately followed with, “So don’t be proud!”

Thanks for teaching us how to live, Pop, and thanks for believing in us. As I wait for our baby to be born, I can’t wait to apply the things I’ve learned from observing you. Happy Father’s Day!

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